setembro 18, 2015

O paraíso de Borges

 afinal fica em Praga

Ao calhas

Dizem que demos a primeira parte de avanço. Não perdi nada porque apenas vi os últimos 5 minutos. Dos segundos 45 minutos recordo um fio condutor de cigarros. Acho que também demos a segunda parte de avanço, terei pensado. Aos solavancos, jogamos ao calhas. A equipa também terá sido feita para isso: ao calhas. Ao calhas, lá se vai minando a confiança, ora vamos à final, ora isto não interessa para nada. Calhando, ainda vamos a prolongamento, vais ver...

setembro 11, 2015

no room for ideals in this mechanical place

Through these city nightmares you'd walk with me
And we'd talk of it with idealistic assurance
That it wouldn't tear us apart
We'd keep our heads above the blackened water
But there's no room for ideals in this mechanical place
And you're gone now

Through a grimy window that I can't keep clean
Through billowing smoke that's swallowed the sun
You're nowhere to be seen

Do you think our desires still burn
I guess it was desires that tore us apart
There has to be passion
A passion for living, surviving
And that means detachment
Every-body has a weapon to fight you with
To beat you with when you are down
There were too many defence between us
Doubting all the time
Fearinf all the time
Doubting all the time
Fearinf all the time
That like these urban nightmares
We'd blacken each other skies

When we passed the subway we tried to ignore our fate there
Of written threats on endless walls
Unjustified crimes carried on stifled calls
Would you walk with me now through this pouring rain
It used to mingle with our tears then dry with the hopes
That we left behind
It rains even harder now